I'm Bored, What's Next?

I'm Bored, Let's Perform

Artists from our December 2020 edition

Dancer/Creator | She/Her

Dancer & Choreographer | Felipe Soto

Felipe Fizkal

Rebecca Callow

Choreographer/Dancer | She/Her

Crystal Renea Edwards

Interdisciplinary Artist

Open Pronouns

江峰 Jiang Feng

Dancer (aspiring)  | He/Him

Sangram Mukhopadhyay

dancer/choreographer | She/Her

Laura Ardner

Choreographer/Performer  She/Her

Cécile Lassonde

Dancer | Arpita

Arpita Vaman Shirodkar

ballet artist and choreographer 

Irina Lerman

Irina Lerman

Perfmormer/Actor | He/Him

Alessio Bagiardi

Dance Artist & Artist

 She/Her & She/Her

Ekaterina Zharinova & Julia Edith Rigby

Choreographer | She/Her

Clarisse Roud

Dancer and Choreographer | She/Her

dancer, movement artist, actor 


freelance dancers and choreographers | Mr/Miss


Amanda Pye

Jiaying Yang

Choreographer and Dancer | She/Her

Dance Artists

She/Her (Kerrie), He/Him (Harry)

Artist | She/They

Chantal Cherry

Kerrie Doyle & Harry Fulleylove

Molly Huey

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