I'm Bored, What's Next?

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I'm Bored, Let's Perform

Dancer/ Choreographer  | She/Her


Dancer, Choreographer, Artist| she/her

Musician, Video Artist, Editor | he/him

Chen Nadler & Daniel Motola

Kayla Collymore

profile Adrian Thömmes - Adrian.jpg

dancer/artist | He/Him

Adrian Thömmes

 A dancer, choreographer, Artistic Director and a videomaker.


Nicolas Fiery

artist, dancer, choreographer   | He/Him/They/Them

Mark Caserta

dancers/choreographers | She/Her & She/Her

Charly & Eriel Santagado

Harshal Vyas

Dance artist

(dancer, choreographer)


Oriah Wiersma

dancer, choreographer


Hannah Westbrook

Beauty shoot (2) b&w s - Marine de Vacho

Choreographer | She/Her

Marine de Vachon

KH18-Web-7 - Kari Hoglund.jpg
SRAR-Web-4 - Kari Hoglund.jpg

Cinematographer and editor & dancer/choreographer | She/Her & She/Her

Kari Hoglund & Alanna Rygelski

Choreographer | She/Her

Rachel Erdos

artists, dancers, choreographers

New Breed Dance Company

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 5.24.06 PM.png

Performing Artist and Filmmaker

They/Them & He/Him


Artist | She/They

Quinton Sean Manning & Cody Frazer Van Wyk

Molly Huey