Amanda Pye

Amanda Pye is a movement artist and creator currently based in Toronto. She has collaborated with a wide range of creators including Mikaela Demers, Aeris Körper, I/O Movement, Sarah Koekkoek, Krista Newey, Candice Irwin, Kate Hilliard, Apolonia Velasquez, Jasmyn Fyffe, Alias Dance Project, Frog in Hand, and Shotgun Juliet Theatre Company. Amanda is currently working as a collaborator with adelheid dance projects and choreographer Heidi Strauss. She is also working to develop her choreographic practice, and her most recent creative projects have been developed through residencies at Canada’s National Ballet School supported by Peggy Baker Dance Projects, Open Space Programme at The National Ballet of Canada, and the Performing Arts Creation Residency at The Banff Centre. She is currently interested in how she can translate her movement through film, and was accepted as a bursary recipient for the Digital Media Lab stream at Artscape Daniels Launchpad Toronto. Her film explorations have been shared in various online showcases; including the film project ‘14' created with sound designer Dorian Voos, which was featured in a month long gallery display produced by MakeRoom Inc at Stackt Market in Toronto. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Ryerson University Performance Dance Program.

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Amanda's Photographer: Alix Forgeot