Chen Nadler & Daniel Motola

Chen was born on March 7, 1992. Contemporary dance choreographer, performer and educator, therapist with the help of dogs for children with special needs, based in the north of Israel in a small village. 

From a very little age, she studied ballet, contemporary and improvisation in an area surrounded by nature, since then, she felt her strong connection to the wild life, animals, and her inspiration for art is taken from nature. 

Chen continued her education at the "Maslool Dance Program'' in Tel-Aviv for 3 years, was recognized by the 'Israeli Culture Embassy' as an excellent dancer.

In 2020 she participated in the creation - 'Democracy In America' by Romeo Castellucci, Israel Festival Jerusalem.

From 2015-2018, danced in "Inbal Dance Theatre" in Israel, side by side with a freelance career (Worked with Mor Shani, Noa Zuk, Barak Marshall, Nadav Zelner dance group, ‘Dafi Altbeb Dance Group’, Roy Assaf and more) .

At 2013 Chen started to create her own pieces- 'PIO'- improvisation performance that includes dancers, musicians and light designers, "THE FALLING POINT OF VIEW"- collaboration with musician, animator and video-art artist, "A B C and the study of stars", "Let's See', and more. Her pieces were recognized and supported by the Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts in Israel.

In 2019, Chen was invited to a Rezi.Dance A-I-R program- 2 weeks residency program in Czech Republic-Komarice, in 2018 to a residency in 'Mediterranean Dance Center' (residency program for young choreographers, in Croatia- Svetvincenat). In 2017 Chen participated in a site specific creation of 16-hours in 'Tel Aviv Museum of Art' made by MorShani and the "Inbal" company members. In 2016 the work "Simple Dance" won the 1st price and the title – "The best dance performance of 2016" by Time Out Magazine.

In 2013- Received a scholarship for the two weeks summer course “BluePrint" in'Perrydance', New-York and a full scholarship to the 3 year professional dance studies.

Chen is in continuous research and development, her projects also includes video-art short movies (together with her partner Daniel Motola), site specific performances, performances for gallery events and pieces for stage.

Among others, participated in the festivals-  L1 dance festival / Hungary, 'PIO' / Prague, Zcech Republic, 'White Night Festival' /Tel-Aviv, Israel, "Mouvement Contemporain 11" festival / Paris, France, 'Open Air Program'/ Czech Republic, Luhovaný Vincent Festival / Czech Republic, Still Moving/ Schiedam,Rotterdam, Mikulov Festival / Czech Republic

Since 2018 Chen developed her main idea and desire- Creations with full collaboration between artists from different arts fields, with strong connection and inspiration from nature. Chen sees the performance platform as a unique opportunity to create a new world together, and to invite people to connect and meet each other and the earth. Chen sees the art everywhere, and works a lot with improvisation techniques, and deep research involving ecological issues, environment reservation and collaborations.

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DANIEL is a musician,composer, sound engineer, art man for movie productions and photographer.

After civil service as an Sound Man at the ”Na Lagaat” theater (IL), in a search of expression and the curiosity of creation, he studied sound in “Yoav Gera” sound-school, Tel Aviv. These days he is working in “Kicha studios”, worked with: Bill Laswell, Oz Fritz, Danton Supple, Avishai Cohen, Yemen Blues, Riff Cohen and more. In 2016 started to freelance as a video artist, as he is trying to connect visual art and photography to music and sound.


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