Hannah Westbrook & Matthew Bratko

Hannah Westbrook is a dance artist based in Oakland, CA. She is a company dancer with Tim Rubel Human Shakes and Tara Pilbrow. She is the co-artistic director of The Phenomenal Anomalies, a dance-theater duo dedicated to creating quirky, vulnerable, and joyous dance, inside and outside traditional spaces. Beyond her performance work, Hannah teaches young dancers at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center and Berkeley Playhouse, and directs the middle school performance company YouthCo at SADC. Hannah is a graduate of UC Berkeley, where she was honored with the Departmental Citation for outstanding undergraduate accomplishment in Theater, Dance & Performance Studies and the Rosalind Schneider Eisner Prize for excellence in Dance. While at UC Berkeley, she performed in the ensemble of Anna Halprin’s Parades and Changes at the Berkeley Art Museum. Hannah has danced in works by Stephan Koplowitz / AXIS Dance Company, Rebecca Morris, Catherine Liu, Michael D. Lee, Sue Roginski, Julie Freeman, and was invited to participate in the first ever AXIS Choreo-Lab.

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Matthew Bratko is primarily a live artist focusing on the queer and the communal. He is interested by and drawn to, sophisticated portrayals of queer people as fighting both for liberation and assimilation and the tension between those strategies, factions and desires. His absurdist cabaret and video performances as Kyle Kyle Kyle Kyle Kyle Kyle Kyle both satirize and humanize different kinds of queer people and the internal and external pressures that can push them into extreme behavior. His theatrical work focuses on creating honest moments of community ecstasy, most recently with Initiation, a commission for the Dublin Fringe Festival, Pilot Light Edition, in September 2020. He worked as an administrator and Assistant Director (Requiem for the Truth Tour 2018) for Collapsing Horse Theatre Company from 2018-2019. He presented a work in progress of his piece Healing Circle as part of THEATREclub’s Theatre Machine Turns You On (2018). He produced Live Collision International Festival 2019 as well as presenting a work in progress of his piece The Church of The Tides as part of their Bitesize//Scratch programme.

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